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SIMPRA is the sole institution among all the academic institution In India offering M.Phil and Ph.D in Medicinal Plant Biotechnology in affiliation with Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli. Medicinal Plant Biotechnology is a hot –spot area offering bright scope for immediate placements in R&D sector, Pharma sector, Educational institutions and Biotech Industries.

In india the normal practice to achieve a research degree is that you work on an individual basis a negotiated research project. This is different to many systems in other countries where you study in Ph. D programme which consists of thought elements and a short dissertation.

Research degree lead to the awards of Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

  • Studying at master’s level for MPhil is for those interested in investigating current knowledge in a subject and developing the skills necessary to interpret and apply it. It takes 12 months of full time study.
  • Studying at doctoral level for PhD will appeal if you wish to extend the forefront of knowledge, producing work that merits peer review and publication. This normally takes between 36 months and 48 months of full – time study.

Our expertise spans a wide range of fields from biotechnology to nanotechnology, and research activities focused within specialized centers and institutes. Our work combines rigorous knowledge – driven research with results which can be applied and used by national and international partners across the academic and commercial sectors.

Full – time fees

These fees will be subject to individual students. Please note that project fee may be charged for a practically – based research projects to cover the cost of particular equipment and consumables for the research project. This is variable and negotiated on a case – by case basis depending on actual costs likely to be incurred.

Our expertise
Areas of research expertise at SIMPRA:

  • Medicinal Plant Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology (General)
  • Environmental biotechnology
  • Bio informatics

What to do next …….
If you‘re interested in conducting research in one of these areas, Please contact SIMPRA for
more information at:
Tel: +91 4362 246612
Email : research@simpra.co.in

We will assess your research proposal when we receive your complete enquiry form. If we believe the proposal is viable and that we have research capacity to supervise you, we will invite you to complete an application form.
You will then develop your proposal which will incorporate a training needs analysis, with the close co – operation of potential guides.

International visiting academics scheme
The international visiting academics scheme enhances research links between our research institutes and encourages collaboration on joint research projects. The scheme also allows visiting academics to engage with colleagues by leading master classes and seminars to develop research knowledge and skills of staff and students within the Institutes.

Postgraduate research degree training
We offer research training to all our postgraduate students studying research degrees. This training provides support for important aspects of research practice throughout your degree. We offer courses and shorter workshops tailored to the structure of our research degrees. These cover typical concerns at different stages. Sessions generally include: information and presentation of material, group tasks linked to your research, plenary discussion, and in many cases the opportunity to meet researchers from different disciplines across the institute.

Graduate Research institute induction
This is a one-day programme which covers a wide range of important issues for all new research degrees. Topics include an introduction to the institute as a place of research, presentations by staff across the institute who provide services or advice to researchers, an overview of training and good practice, and the various networking and discussion opportunities available. All research degree students complete research induction as a requirement for progression to the second year or third year of the degree.

Initial research training
Taken in the first year over two days, this covers the basics of starting a research degree. We lay foundations for further training in specialist areas. As well as covering project management and academic criteria and formalization, the course encourages you to reflect on your research practice and think carefully about the epistemological and methodological issues involved in the early stages of a research project. This initial training is a requirement for progression to the second year or third year of the degree.

Library and information services
We cover the essentials of locating source material for the literature review stage of research. This is done specifically with the view of how this process works at SIMPRA. It also offers the important opportunity to meet the subject specialist in the library who deals with your subject area.

Continuing research training
This is taken during the mid-stage of the research degree covers typical problems encountered as research projects become more focused. This involves topics such as academic writing, presentation, and further theoretical reflection on the process of research. An especially important aspect is encouraging you to be confident in your ability to translate sources and data into robust research material.

Research completion training
Research completion training is taken during the final stages of the degree to address further needs in academic writing and editing. We include intensive work on preparation for submission, proofing of the thesis and viva examinations.

Programmes are throughout the year, for both full and part-time students. Sessions are also offered in evenings and weekends. We organise full-day programmes in research ethics; and shorter workshops in academic writing, presentation, and methodology and epistemology.

Training needs analysis
As a research degree student you are required to determine your training needs with your guides and with staff in the institute. This enables a suitable level of training to be provided in your discipline, in research methodology, and in broader research and transferable skills. You are asked to reflect on your research skills as part of the application. When you are offered a place, you take this further by completing a more detailed training needs analysis process, in consultation with staff. This forms the reference point for your training provision for the duration of your degree.

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