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The research at the SIMPRA is directed towards the most topical issues in Medicinal plant genetics and biotechnology. In the field of population genetics, the institute deals with the study of hybridological relations, genetic polymorphism and biodiversity of selected medicinal plant species. The populations are characterized on the biochemical and molecular level using isozymes and DNA markers. The SIMPRA follows the possibilities of plant genome modifications by introduction of foreign genes into the genome of economically important plant species with the aim to improve their quality and/or resistance against pathogens. Studies of expression of transgenes and factors influencing these expressions are in focus of our interests. With the aim to identify more genes coding for the quality and resistance traits, genomes of selected plants are screened.

Recently, the orientation of our research has been devoted to the studies of functional genomics also, namely in plant embryogenesis (Zygotic, Somatic and Gametic). The cytological, morphological, biochemical and molecular aspects of these processes including cDNA libraries and EST (Expressed Sequence Tag) sequencing of important medicinal plants are followed. The regulation of plant regeneration and development in situ and in vitro conditions is studied in selected Medicinal plant species. The in vitro regeneration and micro propagation is realized in some species such as forest and medicinal fruit trees and agricultural crops. Reproduction and mapping of the genetic resources obtained through application of biotechnological approaches are also conducted.

Areas of Research Undertaken

  • Drug development from the herbal and mineral origin.
  • Validation and standardization of traditional medicines as per W.H.O guidelines and I.S.O standards.

Details of On going Research Programmes
Improvement (value addition) of products by SIMPRA such as:

  • Shar-stone – for kidney stones
  • Shar-skin - for skin disorders
  • Shar-cardy - for cardio vascular diseases
  • Shar-inteli - for enhancing memory

Research achievements during the last 3 years, transferred papers reports-books published and latest sample copies

  • Twelve technologies were developed and transferred by SIMPRA to manufacturing organization.
  • A compilation of select essays under the title
    “Indian System of Medicines-Herbal Remedies-An Overview”

Products Developed

  • Shar- memory - cap
  • Shar- inteli - cap
  • Sharmi-hairoil - oil
  • Sharmi-libi - syrup/cap
  • Sharmi-baby - syrup/drops
  • Shar stress off - cap
  • Shar cardy - cap
  • Shar flaxy - cap
  • Shar stone - cap
  • Shar skin - syrup/cap
  • Sharno-kof - syrup/cap
  • Asma off - cap

Microbial Assay (Development)

Adopting a technique, using dehumidifier averts microbial contamination drug storage of raw materials. It is to prevent aflotoxic growth and bacterial infections.

Transfer of Technology

The existing procedure of extraction of crude extract from herbs using hot percolation and cold extraction have been slightly modified to obtain more quantity of extract in a better quality by installing indigenous self designed apparatus.

Improvement in existing products/process/methods/techniques

  • Sharmitone - Syrup/Cap
  • Libidomax - Syrup/Cap
  • Sharliv - Syrup/Cap
  • Gynofort - Syrup/Cap
  • Sharmilax - Cap/Tab
  • Kof-end - Syrup/Cap
  • Sharmitol - Cap/Tab
  • Shar memory - Cap/Tab
  • Artigard - Cap/Tab
  • Calotropin - Syrup/Cap
  • Sharmensin - Cap/Tab
  • Sharpile - Cap/Tab
  • Sharlibi - Syrup/cap
  • Sharbaby - Syrup/Drops
  • Gastrowin - Syrup
  • Shar stress off - Cap/Tab
  • Shar Vitraxy - Cap/Tab
  • Shar fraxy - Cap/Tab
  • Herbomalt - Powder
  • Maltoherb - Powder

The above shown medicines marketed in the form of capsules have also been developed in the form of tablets so as to get the import license in Malaysia, All syrups have been transferred to more palatable medicine to obtain the approval of Singapore Government.

The syrups have been prepared with only natural colouring agents as base without the usage of synthetics which are likely to be carcinogenic.

Details of research programmes/projects identified for the next three years

  • The self life of the powder of herbo-malt and malto-herb has been processed to obtain more longevity and stability.
  • All the Products are developed indigenously. Raw materials of herbal origin are processed scientifically and added value addition.

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