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Department Of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the most rapidly developing and innovative subject in medicine. The discipline of biochemistry serves as a torch light to trace the intricate complexities of biology, besides unraveling the chemical mysteries of life. Biochemistry is essential to have a thorough understanding of health and diseases in humans. Advances in biochemistry have tremendous impact on human welfare. These include the application of biochemistry in the laboratory for the diagnosis of diseases, the products obtained from genetic engineering and the possible use of gene therapy in the near future.

Biochemistry laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments like Auto Analyzer, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Trans illuminator, Tissue Homogenizer, Electrophoresis apparatus Chromatographic apparatus, High speed centrifuge, Laminar Air Flow Chamber.

The protein purification facility at SIMPRA includes all infrastructure and equipment required for routine isolation and downstream processing of proteins of interest from crude samples: cold room, high- and low-speed refrigerated centrifuges, microfuges and ultra-pure water purification systems. Chromatography can be carried out at ambient or low temperature and purity and activity assayed by standard analytical techniques.

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