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Department Of Botany

Pure classical sciences like Botany have gained prominence in the recent days. There is immense scope and prospects for these subjects. Thousands of graduate, post graduate and teachers in basic sciences are needed for the schools and colleges in Tamilnadu.

Botany laboratory is equipped with Binocular Microscope, Microtome, and Camera Lucida. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Digital PH meter, Electronic balance. High speed centrifuge, Chromatographic cabinet, Homogenizer, Flame photometer Digital photo micrographic unit, Oxygen analyzer etc. A herbarium with rare plants is maintained.

Tissue Culture Laboratory

Plant Tissue Culture Facility We have moderate plant tissue culture lab where we conduct routine teaching and research experiments. We also have a plant growth chamber and accessory facilities including laminar flow hoods (vertical), CO2 incubators and routine microscopes required for tissue culture. A clean environment, air curtain, and following stringent rules minimizes the problems associated with contamination. Ultra-low freezers (-80°C) and other cryo-preservation facilities are available.

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